You’re not beautiful because you’re black or white you’re not more of a man or woman because your body is bigger or smaller than somebody else’s
You’re not beautiful because once you peel back that skin you have that same muscle and bone structure that everybody has. That’s what we are not who we are. the heart that beats inside your chest doesn’t make you special this is not the beauty you seek. It makes you the same as somebody else if anything it makes You plain because we all have that but it’s the conscious inside that we can use to describe things filtered through our heart to our mouths how we see things inside of our own heads. That consciousness makes art poetry statues buildings laws it makes us beautiful because we all have it but its the only thing that we all have that’s still different
You see we are like capsules the coating is all the same and the outside will dissolve but the inside can be different for every single capsule and that’s what people remember you don’t take medicine because of the cover you take it because of what’s inside that’s the one thing that makes us human it gives us the choice of seeing ourselves as individuals with one thing in common, we are all different and as long as we can learn to let the capsule dissolve and not let the world force you to believe that no one needs that medicine on the inside. Your consciousness. Your individuality. Your heart and soul. will always show your beauty
For the broken hearts and insecurities (via def-awk)